Carys Reid-Davies

Carys Reid-Davies
Leeds University


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Could LeedsFess be the answer to all your problems?

Turns out people on LeedsFess are actually pretty brilliant

There is a petition to get mortarboards back for graduation

It has been claimed we don’t have them because women can’t wear them

The new Channel 4 HQ is going to be in a Leeds nightclub

I predict a riot …

Leeds Uni Union are discussing the introduction of drug testing kits

Roll up roll up, get your drug testing kits here

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These are seriously tragic

Hold on a second, did someone say free Nando’s in Leeds!?

Yes my friend, yes they did …

These Leeds students bought a £400 hot tub for their house party

Forget Malibu, Hyde Park is now the hottest place to come for pool parties

There are seven Leeds student stereotypes, but which one are you?

We’re a versatile bunch up here

Try not to freak out, but there’s a donkey in Leeds Union RIGHT NOW

‘Tis the season I guess??

We asked students from other universities what they think of Leeds and this is what they said

Ok, so maybe we aren’t all as ‘edgy’ as we thought

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From mojito’s and music to brunch with a crunch

Come Dine with Me is coming to Leeds, and here’s how you can apply

Chicken nugs and cheesy chips sounds ideal

It’s time we all agree, school does not prepare you for uni life at all

University is just one huge catfish tbh