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Inside the Hyde Park devil dungeon Halloween party that over 100 people gatecrashed

Where better to spend Halloween than in Leeds’ scariest basement?

When we moved into our Hyde Park student house, we found blood, chains and creepy paintings in the basement. So of course, I chained myself up, put on fake blood and took some pics to share. Soon the creepy basement became the infamous "devil dungeon" among Leeds Uni students.

Over the past few weeks I've overheard students on campus doubting the legitimacy of the dungeon. I've heard people saying, "Weren't those pics staged? Surely it wasn't like that when they moved in."

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I've even caught people calling me the "dungeon girl" when I'm walking around campus. Turns out, the devil dungeon has itself become a Leeds BNOC, so we decided it was about time we opened it up to Leeds students.

Halloween was the perfect time for the basement's debut. We made the event, invited everyone we knew and hoped it wouldn't get too out of hand.

Of course, we had to sell the party on the dungeon's fame on The Tab, which somehow led to everyone inviting their housemates, and their housemates and some distant friend from home.

Trust me, people will never doubt the legitimacy of the dungeon again.

First up, we added some of our own touches

As part of the party preparation, we added our own touches to the dungeon. We painted our names on the wall with UV paint, spray painted the infamous red room and even got a smoke machine.

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We bought more fairy lights, added some strip lights and got our hands dirty running around putting red paint everywhere. We took the devil dungeon to the next level.

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But our costumes were so basic white girl

As party hosts, our costumes had to be 10/10. However, somehow the basic white girl in all of us got a little out of hand and we ended up with slutty outfits and a lot of face paint and glitter.

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I tried to be originial with the "Evil Mermaid" look. But ended up covered in glitter from head to toe, with scales made from eyeshadow and black eye contacts. A dominatrix or something a little more sexy might have been more apt for "George's Red Room".

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It got a little out of hand…

Like any Hyde Park party, somehow we ended up with over a hundred people roaming our basement and later, our entire house.

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The devil dungeon made it's debut… stay tuned for the devil dungeon's next party.

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