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A foolproof guide to surviving a breakup at uni

I got BRAND NEW rules, I’ll count ’em


Semester one is soon approaching, and we all know what that means. Uni will be flooded with long-distant hopefuls, high school sweethearts and (even worse) the couples that have actually followed one another to a different city to be together. The inevitable self evolution that uni life brings unfortunately means, come Christmas, a lot of heartbreak. So as after two uni relationships I find myself in an unwanted position of being able to enlighten those on how to get that fuckboy out your head.

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The importance of friends

Friends make the world go around, especially the newly single world. Your best friends will make you laugh when you don’t want to, they will give you endless cuddles, and, if they are as amazing as mine, they will cook you food and push you out with a bev. What more could you possibly need?

Don’t just sit in your room moping endlessly, life is too short for a pity party, especially uni life. Uni is a once in a life time experience and should be spent with your friends not spent pining after the boy who “isn’t ready for a serious relationship”.

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Don’t be hard on yourself

Give yourself healing time but make sure you don’t overdo it to the point you’re listening to R.E.M Everybody Hurts while going through your photo album. Obviously its upsetting but don’t spend maybe more than a week feeling sorry for yourself. Spend a little time reflecting on what went wrong and where it went wrong, then find inner peace with it and let it go. Nothing is forever and as much as you don’t want to admit it, people are replaceable. Very easily replaceable, I mean 7 billion people and you think you can’t replace Adam, 21 from Sheffield who studies Media Communications. Come on now.

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Realise your worth (and then add the tax)

Break ups are SO much easier when you realise you’re the shit and what they’ve lost compared too what you’ve lost is massive. Honestly, this is the one that saved me.

Keep Busy

Uni is the perfect place to keep yourself occupied. Between drowning in work, getting involved in a society, getting shitfaced and explaining to your mum that you are alive and okay; where is the time to think about heartbreak? That's right, there isn’t.

Join a sports team, join a society, do something positive outside of lectures. Go for lunch at Terrace, go have a chill with your mates, write your Christmas list…the list is endless.

Find what will help you move on

Everyone has different personal methods on how they get over someone. If you decide you are that someone who likes to get under someone to get over someone else, then I recommend going out on a Wednesday, as I am sure there are more than a dozen willing rugby boys to attend to your needs. If you’re more like myself and prefer a bit of attention from a distance, get Bumble and see what you find.

No matter how hard if feels right away, pain doesn’t last forever and neither will the pain of a breakup. University is the best place to try and fail as there is literally hundreds of things to do.

Disclaimer: we got back together. oops.