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Here are all the mistakes you should avoid making as a Leeds fresher

Everyone seems ‘really nice’ until second semester

Becoming a university fresher is undoubtedly a whirlwind time, everything is new and finding your feet can take time. Ultimately, this can lead to an unfortunate series of mistakes.

So to make your transition a little smoother, I have composed a list of things you should avoid to save your dignity, money and time in Freshers' Week. However, you will probably lose these at another point during your three years.

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Don’t sleep with anyone from Oxley, Lib Dock or your own flat

If you're smart enough you will hook up with someone from Henry Price or Charles Morris so you can still make the dash to your 9am lecture.

Kiss goodbye to your whole day if you end up in Oxley or Lib Dock. To this day, I’m not even exactly sure where these are located, they might as well be in Never Ever Land.

That 15 minute Uber of shame where you and the driver are looking at each other and you both know exactly what your situation is, just isn't worth it. Don't even think about getting the bus.

No boy or girl is ever worth trekking to York for. Besides, this experience will leave you in deep regret when you are so far away you question whether you are still in West Yorkshire.

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Wonder which halls they ended up in…

Never buy alcohol from Essentials, unless you want to waste your entire student loan

Essentials is the Union Supermarket and don't get me wrong, it is a great shop. They even invest all the money we spend there back into the uni.

However, with alcohol priced higher than any other shop as an effort to discourage student binge drinking – please, just go to your local off license or Sainsbury's.

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Don’t force housing situations with people 'who seem really nice'

It will come to December and housing agencies will put pressure on vulnerable freshers saying that if you don’t sign before Christmas or January, you won't get a good house and you'll be homeless.

When the reality is they are saying this as there are far more houses than students and they will be at a loss without early signs. And pick your housemates wisely. Just because you are good friends now, doesn’t mean you are compatible living companions. Trust me.

Stop trying to prove that you aren't a lightweight because you're Northern

First of all, your English heritage does not determine how fast your get drunk. Second of all, you're just going to end up as the idiot at pres who downed four VKs and a whole bottle of vodka while mumbling, "I am not a lightweighttt." Babe, you definitely are a lightweight and everyone knows it, except you.

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This will be you, dancing on your own

I'm not going to tell you to drink less because that would mean I'm officially an elderly third year. However, learn what you can drink and for fuck sake, stop drinking so much in Freshers' Week or you'll be known as that person.

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