It’s time to join the team: Write for The Tab Leeds

Are you a budding journalist or just a student with a lot of opinions? Come join us!

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You read our articles daily. They're constantly popping up on your timeline and you just can't help but tag your friends in them. The memes are killer, our thoughts on fuck boys, drinking and those weird flared pants everyone keeps cracking out are so fucking relatable, you can't even deny it, you love The Tab.

But I get it, you would never admit that.

So why don't you write for us instead?

Be the next writer to put all their exes in a group chat and see what happens.

Be the next idiot to message every tinder boy, "I won't have sex before marriage, what do you think about that?"

Or, just ask a load of Uni of students why they hate Beckett boys so much.

It's not boring news or a super demanding society where you have to go out every week and actually socialise. You can write once, or thirty times. Write about anything you want – if you wanna read it, so does every other student.

So sign up to our open meeting, send us a pitch, come say hey and have a few drinks with us. I promise, we're not the bitchy posh twats you think we are.