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Here are the best dressed people in Leeds this week

The cold will never stand in the way of fashion

It's that time of week again where we appreciate the best dressed students in Leeds. Although Spring is officially here the city has found itself covered in snow these past couple of weeks, and we all know the stuggle of trying to dress stylishly without freezing to death at the same.

Despite the cold, these students have mastered their Winter / Spring looks and have not let the weather get in the way of their style. Scroll down to meet the most fashionable students in Leeds this week.

Freya, Textiles, 2nd year

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Freya finds the perfect balance between looking fashionable and keeping warm with an oversized jacket and fluffy scarf, matching these with patterned trousers to create an amazing, eye-catching look.

Skye, International Business and Marketing, 2nd year and Josh, Nutrition, Masters

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Skye and Josh are another pair who manage to keep warm while still looking good. A puffa jacket and a fluffy jumper are two of the must-have items to be the most fashionable students in Leeds this time of year.

Selin and Justyna, International Business and Finance, 1st year

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Super stylish Selin and Justyna are killing the fashion game, somehow managing to look both casual and glamorous at the same time. They make the perfect ensemble with matching winter colours of blacks and greys, and wearing a fur coat on top of a fur jumper. These two simply couldn't be missed from best dressed this week.

Maria and Chloe, Politics, 3rd year

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Sporting big, bright puffa jackets, and an oversized scarf to match, Maria and Chloe serve one of the cutest looks on campus this week and prove Politics students to be some of the most fashionable out there.

Sophie, Psychology, 3rd year

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Sophie looks amazing in the fluffiest, cosiest looking coat we've ever seen. Styling this with patchwork jeans adds an edge to her winter look, making her one of the best dressed people on campus this week.

Lauren, Chemistry, 2nd year and Sophie, Media, 2nd year

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Lauren and Sophie have got to be two of the most fashionable students to ever step foot in Eddy B. Everything about their outfits, from their colour co-ordination to their amazing hairstyles, is on point. They look more like they should be on a fashion show catwalk rather than at the library, and we are so here for it.