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What your Leeds uni campus lunch says about you

Choose carefully or you will be judged

It's pretty exhausting actually getting yourself into uni for lectures and you’ve been thinking about what to have for lunch all morning. Mouth watering at the thought of an Italian BMT as your tutor asks you why you weren’t in last week’s seminar, its time for lunch. However, whatever you choose from the exciting array of food options available reveals a lot about you, honestly we can figure out your whole personality based on this crucial choice. So here are just a few.

Bakery 164

Despite it taking you the whole of first semester to actually figure out where Bakery 164 was, you’re now halfway into first year and feel like a proper Leeds BNOC. You and your pals regularly ambush Bakery 164 in puffer jackets, eagerly awaiting your toastie. You are ready to crucify anyone who criticizes your beloved bakery and relish in fighting your way to the front through a sea of Fila hoodies as your number is sung out.


You know that all you could ever ask for in a lunch can be fulfilled by a skilled sandwich artist and you don’t wish to change anytime soon. The order rolls off your tongue as smooth as the sandwich goes down. Although perhaps risky in terms of saltiness of these sandwiches, you like the safe things in life until they’ve run out of your bread of choice and panic strikes deep down.

Wok & Go

You trick yourself into thinking these boxes of noodles aren’t over priced and are worth every bite. You brag about how much you love thai food and how much you ate on your gap year as you struggle to pick up your noodles with chopsticks.

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Tucking into a plate of hummus and pitta you brag about your newfound vegan lifestyle and how grateful you are that Leeds uni finally have an all plant based option on campus. You’ve probably gotten your nose pierced since coming to uni after finding yourself on your gap year. Careful not to spill any precious hummus onto your culottes, or just rub it in, it’ll probably blend in with the pattern anyway.

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Pasty Company

You’re missing the comfort of your home county and want some warm potatoey gravy goodness in your tum. You carry your warm paper bag full of happiness off to a quiet corner and devour it whilst you’re on the phone to your mum.

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Essentials Meal Deal

You’ve probably been in the library all day and need something quick and cheap. The slightly more luxurious meal deal options in Tesco are much too far away so you settle for Essentials. You’re happy with the simple things in life and appreciate a slightly sad looking chicken and sweetcorn sandwich.

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they've even got sausage rolls, who needs Greggs

Café Nero

You’ve made your way through countless loyalty cards and have a deep appreciation for the ham and cheese toasties. Daddy is probably paying for these upmarket lunches because who can afford to drop £7 in Nero every day. You probably ponder actually going to the library as you queue for ten minutes in Laidlaw for your coffee and sandwich but strangely it never seems to actually happen.

library or hideout for nero?

Packed Lunch

Times are tough, your mum is cutting you off. You’ve been forced to invest in a Tupperware and some tin foil. You don’t really like it but you’ve not really got a choice, it’s a sad ham sandwich and a banana in the library or no lunch. Either this or you’re on a health kick and have vowed to take your own healthy lunches into uni, wearing workout clothes everyday but failing to actually go to the gym, keep up the good intentions though!