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Which star sign is your Leeds Uni halls?

Of course Central Village is a Gemini

What better way to push halls stereotypes even further than with the zodiac? Not everyone can be Leo, and somebody has to be a Scorpio. Forget everything you thought you knew about halls – this is your definitive guide on what's what. It is written in the stars after all.

The Tannery – Aquarius

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Always friendly, a good listener, and never says no to a conversation, the Tannery is always trying to get amongst the action. Its great in freshers, but once the year goes on they get a bit distant, probably because they're so far away from everything. You'll forget they even exist, much like Aquarius (who the fuck even is an Aquarius anyway?)

Charles Morris – Pisces

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Charles Morris care so much about what people think of them, which is probably an unhealed scar from their private school clique days. Attention addicts of the highest order, they want you to know that mummy and daddy paid for their rent, and they will not shut up about their gap yah. Any criticism of any kind will likely send them in floods of tears into mummy's arms, but their wild side will start to come out eventually.

North Hill Court – Aries

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North Hill Court will forever will be in the shadow of James Baillie, just as Aries will be in the shadow of everyone else. The impatient, moody residents are bitter at being inferior, but they'll just bottle up their rage and sit in their rooms alone cursing at the wall.

Liberty Dock – Taurus

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Give it time, and Liberty Dock will grow on you, just like a Taurus. They can be stubborn at first, probably resentful of your 5 minute walk to uni, but they've got a resilience and devotion that really shines through. They're making the best out of a bad situation, so stick by them and it'll be worth it in the end.

Central Village – Gemini

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Of course Central Village is a Gemini, because of one word: ego. Everyone wants it, but barely anyone got it. Central Village is always desperate for attention and hates being alone, often shirking responsibilities in favour of socialising (fair enough). However, their inconsistency can peel back the fake and if you get to know them, you'll know they're just as dull as Leodis.

Leodis – Cancer

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Boring boring boring Leodis. Who actually wants to live there? Cancers have a paranoia that somebody's out to get them and are constantly distant, which is probably why people in Leodis disappear from your memory 2 minutes after you meet them. What's your name again?

Devonshire – Leo

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It was only going to be Leo for Devonshire wasn't it. The try-hards of the world, always wanting to be top of the pile. They think themselves better than everybody else, and fall in love with their own reflection and their parents' bank account. They think they're entitled to special treatment, and hate being ignored when they're flaunting their wealth. Nobody knows if Devonshire is filled with Charles Morris rejects, or if Charles Morris is filled with Devonshire rejects.

Oxley – Virgo

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Montague Burton – Libra

Montague Burton is easily forgettable, despite only being 5 minutes from campus. The people that live there are 100% Libras, with their self-pity and lifelong grudge that they didn't get into Charles Morris.

Lyddon Hall – Scorpio

Drama alert. Never one to pass up on the chance to be centre stage, Lyddon Hall is the Scorpio of Leeds without a doubt. Whether its the Victorian buildings or the grand piano, Lyddon has a flair for the dramatic. Despite it all, they're still resentful of James Baillie, and would give it all up for a place in those hallowed halls.

Lupton – Saggitarius

Lupton takes no shit and can party just as hard as big brother James Baillie. Charming (after a while) and rebellious, they're behaviour could be a recipe for disaster, but it grows on you in time. They love their freedom, but can get impatient very quickly if they don't get what they want.

James Baillie – Capricorn

Their arrogance as their major weakness, the Capricorns of James Baillie strive to be perfect in every way. Anxious to please, they party hard with the lads and make the most of every party there is going. Although their edginess can be a bit much sometimes, everyone will secretly admit that they love them, and maybe they want to be like them too.