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Tyger Drew Honey, Lol from Tracy Beaker, and a list of everyone else from CBBC and CITV that you almost definitely used to fancy

Blane from MI High was your first true love

We all know children's telly has definitely changed for the worse. These days kids can't even make their own zoo on Roar while eating their morning frosties, or even come home from school and stick on a bit of bamzooki before dinner.

And with cutting all of the best shows, we've had to say goodbye to some of the fittest characters on the telly.

So here's a list of all those who took your heart and almost definitely played a huge part in fucking up your puberty.


Crash? Wolfie? Lol? Let's be honest you fancied them all but Lol had that little something special.

He was your typical crush, a noughties bad boy now reformed all round good guy. Bouncer had the bants, but Lol had your heart.

Lol 4eva <3

Rio Wellard

Lol too much of a nice guy? Rio was who you fancied when you were going through your goth phase. He was the original bad boy.

'Crash? No. I fancy Rio,' you'd tell your friends. You shouldn't have been so attracted to those headbands but you just loved going against the grain.

Don't tell me you didn't want to be the fourth Wellard kid.

A true icon.

Tyger Drew Honey

Cringey and a bit wet, but that hair made you weak at the knees.

You fell in love with him on Friday Download and before you realised that you basically had the hots for Jake from Outnumbered, it was too late.

Oh, the shame.

Blane from MI High

Blane set the bar so high for all future boyfriends and you're lying if you say that you ever really got over him.

Fit, and a spy? He was the only one who could ever make those fucking spy pencils look any way half decent.

What did we do to deserve such beauty?

… and also, Daisy from MI High

You either fancied her, or wanted to be her.

Or both tbh.

Did anyone else realise just how fit the MI High cast was?

Brian from My Parents are Aliens, A.K.A The Original DILF

Controversial but definitely a thing.

Was it the fact that he was really an alien? Or that taboo first attraction to someone who was older? Who knew, and who even cares?

Brian= D.I.L.F

Even Tony Gardner himself is pretty daddy buff these days and i'm pretty sure there's now a cult dedicated to finding out where he is all the time.

Iconic, really.

(I wonder if he'll see this article?)

Michael Underwood, the presenter from Jungle Run

Similar with Brian, you felt really mature when you realised that you liked Michael Underwood.

Screw the other kids, you wished he would give you your own personal tour of the jungle and you wouldn't even mind if you got trapped in The Temple of the Jungle King if he got trapped in there with you.

Who knew cargo pants could look so good on a man?

Stephen Mulhurn doing magic tricks on Tricky TV

That mischievous smile. The confident demeanour. Or just the fact that he COULD DO FUCKING MAGIC.

You fancied the pants off Stephen Mulhurn when he was doing Tricky TV, and you can bet your mum did as well.

and lastly, Dick and Dom…

This is no logical way to explain this.