Don’t panic, but Uber are increasing their prices in Leeds

I’m already too poor for this tbh

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Uber in Leeds have decided to update their services and make some changes to the prices of fare. UberX “will still be a reliable and affordable option” though. Drivers will now get a fairer percentage of the cost.

“As of Monday, 29 January at 10am, the base fare, per mile and distance rates for all uberX trips will be increasing. For example, a trip from Leeds Train Station to Headingley Cricket Stadium used to cost around £5.10, and will now cost about £5.75 under the new fare structure. There will also be a new charge of 25p per mile for all trips over 5 miles”.

“Changes like these are a part of our ongoing commitment to improve the Uber experience for everyone”. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to see the estimated cost of the journey before requesting. It’ll just be a bigger dent in your overdraft now.