Two University of Leeds second years are trying to start a garlic bread society

“You’d be v dead without g bread”

Jack Kessell, second year Economics student, and Daniel Mason, second year Chemistry student, turned to the trustworthy Leeds Uni Tickets Facebook page to see if they would be any interest in a Garlic Bread Soc, the post soon reached over 600 likes – and from there G Bread Soc was born. They've already found a Publicity Sec, Megan Cummings, who created the legendary images.

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You'd be v dead without g bread

Why do you want to start this society?

Well, I've never met someone who doesn't like garlic bread, it brings people together you know? After a hard day of uni all you need to do is bang it in the oven and it's ready in 10 minutes, any student would be very dead without garlic bread.

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Not long now

What kind of socials do you have planned?

We have plenty ideas; garlic bread taste tests, make your own garlic bread and finally a garlic bread Otley Run where we would grab a pint some garlic bread at each Pub.

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People have already started to sign up

They have put posters up in Eddy B on floor 11 and in Common Ground in the Union, they only need 20 people to sign up to meet LUU regulations and to be able to become an official society. In the 24 hours since the creation of the petition they have already gotten 11 people to sign up.