We asked people who they’d pick to couple up with on Love Island

Not everyone fancies Chris after all

The return of Love Island has once again taken over our summers, and our twitter feeds, with its constant bitching, over dramatic arguments and of course, the shagging, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

They might not all be bomb disposal experts like Camilla, with some not quite knowing how to pronounce nectarine (I’m not even sure he knew what a nectarine was), but we can still appreciate the aesthetics, and I suppose you could always just teach Sam to say nectarine?

Whilst we relish in shipping Jonny and Camilla all the way down the aisle and would never dream of stealing him from her, we are often left day dreaming about who we’d like to book a night in the hideaway with. I mean, with so many beaut people running around our screens in swimsuits all day how could we not? So we asked students who they’d want to be coupled up with. Have Kem’s luscious locks won your heart or has Chris’ not so quiet confidence got you wanting to “crack on” with him?

Fiona Spear, Fashion Marketing, first year

“I would probs pick Jonny cause he’s the kinda guy you’d take home to meet your mam (he seems like a mummy’s boy) although my mother would probs try it on with him, he’s got a really sweet but cheeky face although his chat does seem kinda dead. Also wtf is up with his denim shirts with the ripped off sleeves?! tbh a guy thats good enough for Camilla is good enough for me.”

Alice Rathbone, Ancient History, first year

“They’re all kinda grim or have the deadest personalities, or they’re thick as fuck but probably Jonny cause I like his stubble and he’s tall and seems vaguely intelligent. But probably Kem if he was taller cause I like his hair and his bants but he’s unfortunately too small.”

Ewan Walker, Mechanical Engineering, first year

“Either Camilla or Gabby because they’re the only tolerable ones and the others are outright no’s.”

Nicola Brooks, Geography and Spanish, first year

“Definitely Kem, great banter and free haircuts…”

Danielle, English Literature and Sociology, third year

“I’m thinking Kem because he’s funny but he’s a bit short. Probably Jonny actually but I would never steal him from Camilla.”

Alex Wright, English Literature, third year

“Probably Dom cause he’s so sweet, and so fit and “on paper” he’s my type.”

Katharine Northcote, English and Drama, first year

“Probably Chris actually, I know he was a dick but he’s settled now and also he’s fit as fuck and very cute. But Jonny is adorable as well, just “on paper” he’s not my cup of tea.”

Lucy O’meara, History of Art, first year

“Marcel all day. I’d climb him like a tree. Plus he’s such a gent.”

Cara Bishop, first year

“Don’t rate any of them tbh, but probably Marcel or Kem, the others are lowkey quite boring.”