Why is anyone still watching Big Brother when you can watch Love Island instead?

Who even are the people who commit to Big Brother instead?

Beginning its tirade of arguments over who had more alcohol, who took someone else’s cigarettes and who hasn’t cleared their breakfast up from that morning, Big Brother can confidently be called one of the OGs of reality TV. But in the last three years, there’s been some fierce competition for which is the best and trashiest TV to commit to this summer. Love Island seems to have become the cool little sister of Big Brother and I for one would definitely rather hang out with her.

I must say I’m usually a dedicated Big Brother fan, but this year it’s proved that it is ageing drastically and just simply is not as entertaining as the antics going on in Mallorca with some of the cheesiest single people around. Love Island is, quite honestly, golden entertainment.

Whilst the people of Channel 5 are offering us the same old tasks which no one is really interested in, such as hiding a number of gnomes in the house, ITV gives us gorey details such as the islander’s favorite sex position, and how many people they’ve slept with. And although we might not like to admit it, this is far more intriguing, perhaps because its slightly more risqué, than BB.


It’s also clear to see what the Islanders are in there for and they are not ashamed to admit it, most of them want to be famous in some capacity and others just want to flirt for a solid 7 weeks and hopefully win 50 grand at the end. Whereas everything seems a bit sly on BB, you can tell that they’re all looking to score a presenting job on a reality show of some description and their idol is Rylan Clarke, but they continue to spin this line that they want people to “get to know the real me”. Surely that’s not difficult if you’re from a small town in the UK… just make a Facebook status?

She definitely came to the right place

ITV also seem to be able to cast much more interesting contestants, each one of them offering some drama, tears, or laughs to the house. Even if someone boring with not much entertainment to offer does enter the villa, they will usually quickly be dumped when no one wants to couple up with a bore. However, I feel like this is a massive issue for Big Brother every year, with there always being at least one who contributes nothing and gets little air time, yet ultimately ends up in the final because they’ve slipped through unnoticed. And anyway, Love Island gave us Kem, possibly the most hilarious and adorable hairdresser from Essex there ever was.

These dull characters are whittled out in Love Island because whilst the public do get a say in who their favourite and least favourite couples are, the islanders ultimately have the final say, upping the entertaining bitchiness massively. Big Brother on the other hand is pretty much always left down entirely to the public, and nominations are often kept a secret, meaning that people are able to get their least favourite housemates out without them even knowing that they didn’t like them. Where’s the fun in that?

Most definitely

Arguably, we get more from our hour a night of BB as they focus on one day per ep whilst Love Island tends to cross over a couple days into an ep. However, Love Island takes the cake when it comes to number of cameras, with 69 in the villa (I feel like this number was definitely specifically chosen due to the shows raunchy reputation) compared to a mere 47 in the BB house.

Such savagery

We can also all relate to the sticky situations which appear in Love Island. Whether you’re more of a Montana, eating your way through drama and making judgments on your fellow housemates, or a Tyne-Lexy who couldn’t chat up a tree if she tried. Even if you’re lucky enough to be Liv and have two hot guys fighting over you, most of the situations we see on Love Island all happen to us at one time or another, making it far more fun to watch.

But these are the important questions which need to be asked

Fair enough, we won’t all be living in a villa in Mallorca for 7 weeks with people who live in the gym and are ripped beyond belief but at least we get to empathise. Oh and watch their beautiful selves prance around all day. Big Brother does not offer such a beautiful array of people. Sure, you might have the odd “Dreamboy” or American model in there but that’s usually about it, and whilst this might be nice and relatable, sometimes you just wanna gawk at fitties. These fit people are also made to sleep together and are literally forced outside or on a sofa if they choose not to, making for very interesting bed hopping.

You even get twerking lessons; its the show that keeps on giving

And don’t forget the top sarcastic commentary throughout the show which voices everything you were thinking.

Although, on demand is a thing so…just watch them both and judge away to your hearts content because trashy TV is the best kind of TV.