It’s official, Leeds is the best-dressed university

The fashion capital of the world is Hyde Park

8,500 of you voted for which uni has the best aesthetic, and Leeds has won the crown with 13 per cent of the vote.

With 1,131 votes, Leeds marginally beat University of Manchester, who got 1,031 votes. In third place was Kings, followed by Liverpool, Royal Holloway, Newcastle and Exeter. The least fashionable uni was Leicester, with two per cent of the vote.

Leeds English Lit grad and fashion expert Robert Palmer said: “When you think about the fashion capital of the world, you don’t think of Milan, Paris or Rome – and you certainly don’t think of Fallowfield.

“The fashion capital of the world is Hyde Park, and the most fashion-forward people in the world are its residents. Whether they’re wearing Best Vintage or Alma De Ace or the best of the Headingley charity shop bargain bins, they’ve always had a certain vibrance and flair which elevates them above the boring old Patagonia-and-dusty-Reebok-Classics look of their Mancunian cousins.

“Seriously, try and find anyone at Beaver Works who doesn’t look great – you’ll fail.”