Someone set up an Instagram for pictures of girls in Leeds wearing a green puffa

They’re taken in a grainy secret agent style


Leeds is swamped with that puffa. You know the one, it’s green, comes up a bit short on the body, and you can buy it in Urban Outfitters for £76, the Leeds Uni uniform shop.

And now, somebody has set up an Instagram account for pictures of girls in Leeds wearing that green puffa. The account, called “thatpuffa”, already has over 200 followers and has posted nearly 30 pictures of girls in the Urban Outfitters puffa.

It originated from the University of Leeds, with pictures taken around campus and the city, but it’s now moved to London and Manchester. People send in photographs taken in a “spotted” style, normally grainy and from behind with the subject walking away.

The account isn’t specifically for the green puffa, which comes in other colours such as red, but says “green seems to be the most popular one”

Classic captions include: “thatpuffa strolling through campus presumably on her way to meet other puffas and continue their weird conspiracy against us.”

Since the Instagram was set up, the green and red puffas have both sold out on the Urban Outfitters website.

Here’s some of our favourites: