Laidlaw are really trying to stop people from hogging seats

They’re counting all the ‘reserved’ desks

Getting a seat in the library is a problem, but Laidlaw have gone to drastic measures to help us find a desk.

The library have upped their efforts to stop desk reservation by introducing white boards revealing the number of seats being “hogged”.

The boards, which are on levels 1-3, are updated hourly and show the seriousness of the problem by using the hashtag #Don’tBeADeskHog.

So far the only posts using that hashtag are from the library itself.

Floor 2 appears to be the most busy, with 21 seats reserved at 7am, whereas level 1 had only 17 taken.

The signs are the most recent development in attempts by librarians to stop people reserving spaces.

Advertising boards on each floor constantly plead with students not to reserve spaces for friends or save their seats while they go to the gym.

Librarians themselves have been spotted asking people if they’ve noticed any desks being “hogged”.

Is this a step too far?