History second years forced to resit after being given wrong exam

They were given assessed essay questions they had already done

A class of second year historians have been left furious after they were made to sit the wrong exam paper. 

Students were quick to notice that the paper was remarkably similar to assessed essay questions they had completed earlier in the semester.

The second years have now been told they will have to resit the exam next Wednesday.

The class were told that the questions would concern the period after 1953, and were first left confused when all the questions addressed the pre-1945 period.

History students voiced their anger on Facebook, blaming everything from the module co-ordinator to the fact the exam was on a Saturday.

One disgruntled second year historian, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It’s just a total injustice that we have to resit when it was their mistake that could easily have been rectified if the tutor had been present at the exam despite it being on a Saturday.

“Most importantly, it meant we missed  half price Fruity.”

Jess Austin, a History finalist, took a different view: “Getting so annoyed about it makes them come across really badly.”

The School of History told the Tab: “The School of History genuinely regrets the administrative error that led to the wrong questions being set for the exam paper, and apologises for the resulting anxiety and disruption it caused our students.

“We have offered a full statement of apology to the students and have given strong support in dealing with the upset it caused.

“We have responded in what the School, and the University, judges to be the fairest way possible and have scheduled a replacement exam where the originally intended questions will be set.”