West Yorkshire Police release new consent campaign

The poster threatens offenders with ‘the full force of the law’

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Wet Yorkshire Police have launched a new campaign with a strong anti-rape message.

The force debuted a poster with the slogan “Consent means YES, Anything else could mean PRISON” yesterday.

The campaign has been launched to coincide with freshers’ week, following a number of sex attacks on students over the past year.


It details the full consequences of what could happen should  a person commit a sexual offence, as well as encouraging people to contact the police if they have experienced sexual assault.

The poster’s aim is to raise more awareness of the right to consent, an issue which has gained a lot of publicity on campuses in recent years.

Many universities have been trying to highlight the importance of consent to students, with Bristol making freshers take a compulsory consent quiz when enrolling.

Although the poster brings an important issue to the attention of more Leeds Uni goers, some aren’t convinced it will have the impact it desires.

Fourth year Dentist Abhinay Settipalli said: “I think it’s great that the police are actively doing what they can to reduce people being deceived into sex against their will.

“But on the other hand, to call the police if a crime has been committed isn’t exactly unknown to people. I’m sure they should be able to figure that one out for themselves.

“Maybe a hotline for those unsure about speaking up would be more appropriate.”