I did a pub quiz every night this week

(Sort of)

Being less of a clubber and a huge pub quiz lover I decided to explore what Leeds had to offer, and try to win some extra dolla in the process.

Nation of Shopkeepers

Team Name: Quizlamic State

Entry: £1

I will now be a regular- although I won’t arrive at eight as it started well past 9pm.

Atmosphere: Apart from a rogue extra strong spot light targeting my eye, it was good. Very trendy- so much so they sell Red Stripe by the can.

The Questions: One round on Friends trivia, one on The Rock, a drawing round and one where you had to decipher whether it was the name of an actual porno or made up.

Gonad the Barbarian is real by the way.

She’s got Central-Perky tits

Not the most intellectually challenging (unless you were on one of the two teams who had never seen Friends).

The drawing round was also Friends themed, having to create a punny Friends character. Let me introduce you to Consuela Banana Hammock (AKA Ugly Naked Girl), Joeys girlfriend.

My love of this quiz is not in any way related to the fact we won this round. There were also shooters and chocolate prizes.

Such happiness

The Quiz Masters: The innuendos were flowing and he was sporting a mighty fine beard and she had some pretty darn cool tattoos.

We came third and still won a trophy, a medal and some disgusting perry. Even last place got a whoopee cushion.

Dem goodies

Rating: 4.5/5

The Hop

Team Name: Agatha Quiztie

Entry: Free

This place is as hard to find as the lost city of Atlantis.

Atmosphere: Well it’s pretty trendy. All dark with paintings of musicians on the wall.


The Questions: Being St. Paddy’s Day, the entire thing was completely Ireland themed. It was impossible. I asked an Irishman the next day some of the questions. He had no clue so how was I supposed to know?

We left, got chips and played along to University Challenge which was far easier.

The Quizmaster: I have never seen anyone so unenthused. Also the microphone kept making annoying noises.

I was too bored to even make jokes about those noises sounding like farts.


May’s Thai Cafe

Team Name: Poppy and Jess

Entry: Free (It was a Tab social)

The Questions: Tab themed. We won shots of Sourz.

The Quizmaster: The best Quizmaster in the whole world (not just saying it because he’s an editor)

– Okay, so this one was biased, but Wednesday pub quizzes in Leeds are thin on the ground, and we had to make do somehow.


Old Bar

Team Name: Iggy Quizalea, Entry: £1

Atmosphere: I think we all know what Old Bar looks like. It was jam packed. Unfortunately this led two one bright spark bellowing out the answer to one of the questions as he left. If you’re reading this, nobody found it funny.

Fucking Nickleback

The Questions: Required knowledge. Some of which I did not have. Bring clever people- luckily I did.

There was a vague “Top Gun” theme running throughout, which is difficult if only a couple of your team have seen it a long time ago.

The Quizmaster: The Questions were read at snail pace.



Nowhere has pub quizzes on Friday and Saturday, so I was forced to play Quizup alone and think about my life choices. Check this out:


Sort it out Leeds.

2/5 (docked marks for not actually being a pub quiz)

The Library

Team Name: Stephen Fry’s Big Booty Bitches, Entry: £1

Atmosphere: Again, I think we all know what its like.

Questions: A nice variety. The participation round is ace. I realised I’m really good at slapping.

Although in the music round, Lost Prophets lyrics have been recited a few too many times.

The score has been settled. I also have a scar

Quiz Master: I think he’s funny. One of my team mates does not. So he comes in third place after Nation of Shopkeepers and my editor.

nom nom nom


Overall then, I paid a grand total of £3 for my week of quizzing, which was more than made up for by the prizes won on the very first night.

Admittedly, the drinks will have set me back a lot more, but it’s all part of the experience.

And no, I didn’t use my fucking phone.