Palestine Solidarity group stage ‘Israeli Checkpoint’ demonstration outside LUU

They were carrying cardboard guns

Leeds Palestine Solidarity Group held a “Mock Israeli Checkpoint” demonstration outside the student union yesterday.

The group claim the stunt was in an attempt to “visualise the way in which Israel uses checkpoints to prevent and restrict Palestinian freedom of movement.”

Members of the group sported head-to-toe camouflage emblazoned with the Israeli flag. They carried cardboard cut-out guns and held a banner emblazoned with “ISRAELI APARTHEID WEEK”.

We spoke to LPSG spokesperson Harry Shotton, and asked about their motivations for the event.

He said: “People have a lot of time for a peaceful non-violent, non-racist form of action to support international justice and international law.

“I think it gets the message across – obviously these are not real angry soldiers with guns, but its something different.”

“Yesterday we had ordinary university students join in and get a feel for it, and this is what we wanted. They were interested in how we were recreating scenes such as those at Shuhada Street in Hebron, which is an Israeli-only road and closed to Palestinians.”

When asked if their demonstration was met with any hostility, Shotton told us:

“There was one person who shouted some abuse, they just sort of walked past and started shouting. I feel like it was a pre-planned thing.

“People have been more and more receptive, and are beginning to realise the extent of the human rights violations that the Israeli State commit.”

LPSG are holding an “Israeli Apartheid” exhibition in the LUU on Friday.