It’s snow joke: Raging blizzard grips Leeds

Mate can I borrow your mittens

Leeds has been plunged into an unforgiving ice age, as of last night.

You may have noticed this morning that its been snowing, as it often does in winter.

Shockingly, no exams have yet been cancelled.

dave c snow

While Mother Nature may be desperately trying to cover the concrete-clad campus in a blanket of snow, the meek dusting is most likely to disappear pretty soon.

evie snow

Strong south-westerly winds will sweep across Leeds today, along with light rain that will grow heavier as the day goes on. There will be high’s of 3° Celsius – ouch.

Snow is not likely to return until the end of next week – sorry guys.

So grab your sledge and your snow boots and enjoy the eighth of an inch while you can.