Relax, you’re getting a job: Top employers love Leeds graduates

Exams will be worth it we promise


Whether you’re manically busting your balls in the library, or hiding in your duvet awaiting impending unemployment, High Fliers Limited are all of our heroes today.

Leeds has been ranked 10th on the list of the top 25 Universities Targeted by the Largest Number of Top Employers in 2014-2015.

We were beaten by seven other universities – but at least Leeds Beckett didn’t make the list.

In 2014, we were sitting comfortably in 8th spot just below Warwick, but now London Imperial College and London University College (those urban, Southern bastards) have overtaken us.

While Oxbridge are riding high on the list, they can’t be too smug. Homeboys didn’t even make the top three spots, taken by Manchester, Nottingham and Warwick.

Politics second year Art Sejdiu said: “I embrace the averageness of my employability.”

History third year David Cowlishaw agrees: “As a soon to be unemployed member of society, I do find it reassuring that my choice of uni does seem to have a good rep for getting jobs.

“If I could sort out my CV and personality, I’d be very confident of my impending entry into the job market.”

All the best to you, Dave.