Bin blown up on brudenell

Residents thought it was a bomb

Residents of Brudenell Avenue were left shocked after a bin was blown to pieces late on Tuesday night.

At around 11:30pm eyewitnesses claim they saw a silver van throw a lit firework in the bin before driving off.

The blast was felt up to eight houses away with rubbish raining down on the road. The residents of Brudenell were shocked and some even feared it had been a bomb.

Ryan Daniell, a second year civil engineering student said he “thought it was world war three”.

Students poured onto the street to find the cause of the bang were met with the smouldering remains of a green wheelie bin.

Two police cars had arrived at the scene less than ten minutes after the explosion but were too late to catch the criminals.

It is not known if this was a targeted attack or a random act of vandalism.