Greed is Good: Wall Street comes to Leeds Pryzm

Blow your new student loan on shares in booze this Freshers at Pryzm


The terrible Oceana has gone and in its place is the transformed Leeds Pryzm.

With a £1.3 million refurbishment the club has been completely transformed, with an exclusive Belvedered VIP room and a brand new RnB and hip-hop room called Curve (which includes free GHDs, amazing).

Pryzm launches with a brand new Monday night for Leeds University students called Wall Street.

The concept of the night is that drinks prices fluctuate based on what’s bought.

So if everyone buys a vodka and mixer, the price of that goes up while the drinks people aren’t buying get cheaper.

Wall Street sells stocks and shares in 15 different drinks, including premium products like Jim Beam and Disaronno, which make a change from the usual VK on student nights out.

DJ One F will play a Wall Street themed set in the main room, with DJ Syncstyles in Curve (well known for playing at Mischief in Warehouse and Full Moon at Mission).

In addition to drinks offers, Pryzm hosts  stage games and beer pong tables. The club will offer sponsorship for societies and teams, and currently work with MedSoc, HistSoc, Civil Engineering & Lacrosse.

The club also offer a weekly prize of free drinks delivered to your halls/house, including a bottle of vodka, Jagermeister, case of Red Bull and case of Budweiser.

Pryzm are currently recruiting ticket sellers, flyering staff, event staff and hall reps. If you’re interested in making some extra cash over Freshers Week you can apply by emailing [email protected]

Check out Wall Street at Pryzm on Facebook here.