Boss Burgers: A Review

In case you haven’t smelt, seen or tasted the new sensation to hit Hyde Park, here’s the Tab’s review of Boss Burgers.

Wandering down Brudenell road after a long day at uni, with nothing but mouldy bread and that one questionable vegetable in the fridge at home?

Well, if you take a sharp left at Brudenell Grove and you’ll find yourself at Hyde Park’s secret little food haven.

Boasting rare, grass-fed breeds of cattle, Boss Burgers only pull in the Dexter, Galloway and Longhorn beef which they then cut, mince and simply salt & pepper in store.

There’s not a frozen piece of meat in sight, so expect everything but the bread and ketchup to be prepared fresh (chips, sauces etc).

Galloway – Middle, Longhorn – Bottom Right

The Burgers:

– The Smokeback Mountain burger: A real sunday hangover burger, but does the job any day of the week! Its obviously good quality from the first bite.

Being a bacon/cheese burger, you would think theres not much you could do to such a classic, but Boss managed it.

The house mayo in this burger is like the bassist in a band, under appreciated and hidden, but vital.

– The Herbivore – The best way to judge a burger joint is surely by its veggie option (ironic I know).

It seems these days if you put a few rashers of bacon, some melted cheese and a juicy burger in a bun you can please any carnivore, but the vegetarians out there are the true critics. 

Before I took my first bite into the Herbivore burger I was somewhat daunted by the size, but it had me drooling at its “butternut squash deliciousness.” Every mouthful of its harmonic combination sandwiched between sweet buns hit the spot. I have to admit, I was one satisfied Veggie.

The Boss fries are great but if you don’t try the new sweet potato fries you’re missing a trick.

Make no mistake, don’t expect to stumble in to Boss Burgers at 3am absolutely sloshed. This place has some class! 

With a carefully selected menu to tingle all tastebuds, this grub deserves your sober attention. Pop in any time from Tuesday to Sunday and treat these burgers how they damn well deserve to be treated. It may seem a touch pricey for Hyde Park, but imagine the convenience of city centre quality food at your doorstep. 

The guys who run it are lovely, too. Just ask for their Ryan Gosling book and make your own suggestion or review. Having added both a breakfast burger and sweet potato fries to their menu in recent weeks, this is certainly a joint that aims to please.  

All in all, this is a Boss you’ll want to get to know.