Battle of the convenience stores

Whether you need toilet roll for the house, milk for your breakfast, or a 70cl bottle of vodka and cheap mixer, you don’t have to go far to fulfil your needs. But what is the best convenience store in Leeds?

The Tab is counting down the best convenience stores for Leeds students and wants you to vote for your favourite.

Sainsbury’s Local – Hyde Park:

Located in the centre of Hyde Park, Sainsburys local is a hugely popular convenience store that is open 24 hours for students to stock up on groceries and booze.

At peak times the queue can stretch to the back of the shop so it’s best to think about that before rushing out for that last ingredient for dinner.

Because of its location, it’s almost too convenient, with many students complaining that they spend too much money there.


If the queue at Sainsbury’s on a Friday evening is too much for you, Best-One is a nearby alternative.

Stocks plenty of ready meals, necessities and cheaper alcohol. The only issue is it doesn’t open until the late afternoon.


Supermarket on Queen’s Road. It’s worth a visit purely for the cheap fresh fruit and vegetable section and the butchers in store.


The Union’s very own supermarket. Extremely popular at lunchtime so be wary about entering between 1 and 2pm.

The lunch time meal deal is good value, but you soon question whether it was worth it when you see the length of the queue.

I learned the hard way.


Still waiting…

Finally. Bring a packed lunch next time Teeks.

Tesco – Blenheim Terrace:

The first Tesco on the list is located opposite the Parkinson Building, right next to Blackwell’s Bookshop.

For those who are put off by the long queues at Essentials, Tesco probably isn’t a safer alternative for a place to pick up lunch.

However, it arguably stocks a greater selection of brands and it beats having to walk all the way to Morrisons in town to do your weekly shop.

Tesco by Central Village

Stationed right by Central Village, this Tesco proves quite convenient for those in halls around the area.


For the students living closer to Headingley, Co-Op is situated right by Burley Park train station.

Slightly bigger than Sainsbury’s local in Hyde Park so there’s a larger selection. There’s even a Greggs in the back of the shop!

Vote now for your favourite convenience store!