10 Things you’ll only understand if you lived in James Baillie:

From a lack of love for North Hill Road to those royal blue sofas… Here’s 10 things you’ll only understand if you lived in James Baillie.


1. You probably applied for Devonshire but ended up even further up the hill.

No Hogwarts entrance, no meals included and no private gym.

You dreamt of this:

But you got this:

2. You begin the year walking in to uni with great intentions that you will never get the bus.

But by Christmas you’re running for it every day.

3. When you thought you were nearly home at the sight of the traffic lights… you most definitely weren’t.

You had another 200 yards up the never-ending and deceiving gradual incline of North Hill Road.

4. You will remember the awful royal blue sofas … the polyester covers were grubby, but worst of all they were itchy.

Definitely the fakest, cheapest cotton anyone could possibly find.

 5. Ground floor flat? The pungent smell of the damp Beaverworks basement will be familiar then.

6. The severe disappointment of the times when you ran to the vending machines for emergency rations, but when you got there it looked like this:

7. You are traumatised for life by the disgusting multi coloured, multi patterned, just generally ghastly curtains:

8. Carrying your washing to and from the laundry block was an effort.

Not to mention awkward and embarrassing when certain items fell off the top of your Mount Everest pile, right in front of the hot guy from the block next door.

9. The unused, sterile common room always looked just like this


10. The glares from the posh neighbours in Devonshire, which were particularly fierce when you longingly peered over into their garden.

“Those poor people in James Baillie… daddy pays for our halls.”