9 Things You’ll Only Understand if you lived in Leodis

It looked so much nicer in the brochure… From Harry Styles visiting to an eternal love for Londis, here are 9 things you’ll only understand if you lived in Leodis.

1. So Blocks B, C and J have sofas, flat screen TVs, a fully functioning kitchen. But Block A is yet to get a lift? 

Oh hey A Block....

Oh hey A Block….

2. When Harry Styles stopped by for a visit


 3. The fire alarm is going off next door but isn’t ours… To evacuate or not evacuate, that is the question. 

In case of emergency…

4. Flipping the bird to our rivals at Montague Burton.

At least they had a shorter walk up the hill

 5. Spending your entire loan in Londis. Best chicken dippers in all my life. 

My saviour

6. Killing yourself on the hill every morning, often stepping in the trail of vomit you left walking down it the night before.

Calves of steel

7. Risking your life on the steps when it snows. 

Asthmatics beware

8. The silver fish petting zoo in your bathroom. 

Meet your new roommate

 9. Remember Steve the tramp?

Not quite the original, but a definite resemblance

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