9 Random acts of kindness on campus

Yesterday was International Random Acts of Kindness Day. From free hugs to biscuits in the Brotherton, check out what we got up to on campus.

Yesterday thousands of people around the world celebrated Random Acts of Kindness day, and we decided Leeds Uni should get involved.

Here are 9 acts of random kindness you can do on campus every day. 

1. Give a stranger a hug

As seen before outside the union by previous deed day professionals, I gave a hug, and yes the feeling was warm and comforting.

I liked doing this and would highly recommend it to anyone.

She liked it too!

2. Give a treat to a stanger

I find it hard parting with money when it comes to food, however I managed to  splurge on a chocolate flap jack.

Who better to give it to than the woman at the Brotherton reception?

Thank you for manning the books, without you my dissertation wouldn’t be possible!

3. Be nice and join a society were the queue seems to be a little quiet.

Support a society and give it a go! It’s good to learn something new everyday.

4. Give your tutor a hot drink

Mike loved his coffee I bought him! Just don’t expect it every week Mike.

5. Compliment a course buddy

I complimented Lily on her interesting wax and wire tornado. I think it made her day.

6. Bake for your class

Lottie didn’t even know it was good deed day – but had still made rocky roads for our art class, thanks Lottie, delicious!

7. Go on, take a leaflet.

I always feel sorry for people handing out leaflets so this Monday I actually took one, it felt good.

8) Surprise someone in the library.

I left a cream egg on a desk at the Brotherton, I hope whoever received the egg enjoyed it and is not on a diet.

9. Spotted: Someone’s else’s kindness. Well done Ellie!

I only had to go to the loo to find my final good deed of the day. Thank you to whoever did not steal the three small rings, and I hope they are returned back to their dutiful owner.