Student pet of the week

Every week we’ll be picking a BPOC (Big Pet On Campus). Meet Juan Martín Fernandez, the Lobster from Hyde Park.


Name: Juan Martín Fernandez Lobster

Age: Unknown (larger scope with the ladies)

Colour: Red with hints of yellow orange and green – depending on his mood and lighting.

Breed: European Lobster  (Homarus Gammarus)

Likes: Poker, hide and seek, fetch, Rock Paper Claw (he always loses that one), puns

Hobbies: Juanking (Don’t ask), Tweeting, dribbling, staring, sitting, floating

Dislike: Wet newspaper, boiling water, elastic bands, people leaving the light on in the bathroom

Relationship status: Forever snapping up the ladies (takes one pinch in two areas and there his)

Celebrity crush: Megan Fox (he would not mind pinching her behind)

Favourite food: Crab

Music: Anything with the drums.

Favourite film: Clash of the titans 3D (fish edition)

Ambition: To turn the world against the crab, to never see a fellow lobster in a restaurant tank only crabs, to support vegans in the no par taking of eating fish. To pincer my way into I am a celebrity get me out of here, and the Voice.


You can follow Juan on twitter.

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