Student Pet of the Week

Every week we’ll be picking a BPOC (Big Pet On Campus). Meet Alfie, the Dutch Rabbit from Hyde Park


Name: Alfie Tha’ Bunny (occasionally responds to Craig David)

Age: 14 weeks old

Breed: Dutch Rabbit, although at heart he is British

Sex: Male

Likes: Talking about his gap week, pumping iron, hitting his Macros, watching MiC with the gang

Dislikes: Spencer and carpets (bunny rash from friction)

Favourite music: He’s a House Bunny in more ways than one. Also the Fugees when he’s on a hay comedown

Relationship status: Single by choice. Alfie gets a lot of attention from the ladies due to his good looks, athletic physique and his great hop on the dancefloor, but after a night of pulling at mission he retires with the boys, knowing its bros before hoes

Celebrity Crush: Lucy Watson and The Playboy Bunnies (all of them)

Ambition: To set up a bunny bullying help line, so other bunnies do not have to be alone. To one day make enough money to make a trip back to Holland to visit great uncle Heffner

Alfie is co owned by Rod Ardehali and Rosie Loveday. The story goes that Rosie was filling in a year abroad application and as an attempt to delay her (hoping she would miss the deadline), Rod persuaded her to visit the pet store with him.

Thinking he could tempt her into buying a bunny, it was actually Rod who melted when he was told about Alfie’s ordeal.

Poor Alfie had been attacked by the other rabbits and as a result was kept alone. So they rescued him, and brought him to his real home in Royal Park Avenue.

Since Afies ordeal, he has been blissfully bopping around Rods room in excitement, nuzzling every visitor he meets and distracting Rod from his deadlines.


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