Preview: TG’s TAttempts on Her Life

We found out what the Theatre Group have been up to with their newest play… a barefaced, hilariously dark, explicit attack on modern Western living…. something we are all awfully fond of.


Laurence Donoghue (TG member) has formed an abridged version of Martin Crimp’s 1997 play, which  will focus on ten scenarios following an evening at home where 8 housemates discuss an experience, an account or a rumour of “Anne”.

As the evening progresses the audience learn more about the mysterious Anne. She is a lover, a friend, and a daughter. She is a rocket scientist, a terrorist and a porn star. But where is she?

Through the varied, energetic ‘investigations’ of who or what is Anne, the hope is to portray some of the issues facing young people today as they move away from university towards total independence. Something our finals years can relate to well.

Show rehersals – and welcome the cast

Olivia met Laurence out in the sun to discuss his directional:

The Tab: Why did you choose this particular play?

Laurence: I believe it’s pertinent to young people today. It observes & discusses modern Western culture.  People should come out with questions about things we take for granted.

The Tab: Is this your first time as a director?

Laurence: I’ve directed a few short films in the past. Directing theatre is exciting! I have a big group of actors together in one go, the whole stage is open for the audience to interpret the significance of the dialogue is bolder… The cast are doing so great!  They’ve had to keep adapting when I throw new things at them, but they’re really professional. It’s reminded me what directing is all about.

The Tab: Was it difficult casting, as there are no named characters?

Laurence: Very! At the auditions we focused on group activities. We looked for people who worked well together. Then, the personalities of the actors moulded their characters. I switched some lines around to match how I imagined them acting it. It’s worked out really well! They’re SMASHING it. Put ‘SMASHING’ in capitals!

The Tab: How are the rehearsals going?

Laurence: Really well. What the cast thought they’d be doing & what they’re actually doing are very different! My entire vision as developed throughout the rehearsal process. What I thought it would look like & what it actually looks like are completely different. If I did it again, I’d start much more open minded, not with one single idea.

The Tab: Do you address any particular social issues?

The play assesses the value of commodities & what products are. It touches on how the media & theatre & film portray people as products. It examines terrorism, love, desire & how they can be packaged & sold. Our interpretation is like a performance within a play, highlighting the moral role of performance within society: entertain? Inform? Suggest?

The Tab: Anything else?

Laurence: If you want to see something fresh & relevant to current events, then come along! It’s hopefully a short, sharp shock. It’s funny with a hint of irony. The cast are outstanding.

Show rehersals

Attempts on Her Life is in Riley Smith from 9th-11th May. Tickets available in or outside the Union.