BNOC Of The Year: Group Four

It’s the fourth and final heat of your favourite popularity contest. Come forth and vote.

Update: Voting is now CLOSED. This round was dangerously competitive, yet there  had to be one victor and that was Alice Keane with 31% of the vote. Jeremy Johnson came a close second with 29% and Will Magie and Henry Wiltshire effectively tied for third with 18% each.

Last week, Amos Schonfield collected group three’s spoils with 38% of the popular vote, followed by James Parker and Federica Pipolo with 22% and 18% respectively.

However, that was last week and now we have the final five candidates to face the firing-squad of Tab readers. If you’re a little unsure on the criteria, refresh yourself here. Remember, this is the last heat, with the winner of this taking the final place in next week’s grand final.

Alice Keane

Never one to miss Bed on a Wednesday, Alice loved her first year so much she decided to do it twice. Having escaped to the heights of second year, Alice plays a big part in the women’s hockey scene and does triathlons for fun, and at the weekend she swam three miles  alongside other members of the women’s hockey team to raise over £1,500 for the charity Epilepsy Bereaved, so that’s got to be worth something.


Henry Wiltshire

Soon to be star of Take Me Out this coming Saturday, Self proclaimed BNOC Henry had made his mark long before coming to Leeds, working as an international acrobat and staring in the BBC hit/flop show The Season. Finally coming to university as an immature ‘mature’ student he quickly made his mark by becoming a national champion university cheerleader and more notably of course getting arrested for allegedly attempting to coerce a police officer into, what can only be described in this article as, ‘sexual relations’.


Jeremy Johnson

Now okay, we know this competition’s about big names, and you may have never heard of Jeremy, but what if we were to tell you that he lives in Lupton. Still no clue?

Okay, he rides a unicycle to uni and has his own Facebook page to appreciate this method of transportation. Little is known about this mysterious man and The Tab has been researching the matter for the best part of a month. All we know is he’s a first year Maths & Philosophy student, plays the clarinet and is a card-carrying member of LUU Caving society.


Hugo Empson

Star of one episode of Made In Chelsea before he was cut for unspecified reasons, the third year History of Art student made a name for himself when he created the night ‘Abinsthe‘ that had the tagline ‘because Tequila is for pussies‘. Hugo’s nomination in this competition doesn’t even mark the first time he’s been in a tabloid, as he was was papped outside a London nightclub throwing money into the air after a night with Jamie Laing.


Will Magie

The gem in the crown jewels of Leeds Rugby, first team captain and fly half Will Magie has played a crucial role in our back-to-back victories against Met in the varsity rugby. He’s also captain of the USA’s U20s team, but pledges firm allegiance to the flag of Gryphon. Now in his third year, Magie’s settled down somewhat and is rumoured to be pulling a strong 2:1 in his Psychology degree.


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