Take It To ’em

Dodgy landlords and letting agents are mugging you off. Time to do something about it. Send your stories to The Tab.


Following The Tab’s article last week about the dire living conditions landlords and letting agents were leaving students to deal with, we’ve had dozens of personal accounts sent in.

The Tab can report that the issue seems to stretch far and wide across Hyde Park. If it’s affected you – to quote Michael Jackson – you are not alone.

Students were once voiceless in this struggle, having nowhere to turn and being left to play FIFA on mouldy sofas, or worse – the floor.

For so long agencies have been getting away with such near-criminal activity because no-one held them accountable for it. If you raised the issue against them, they’d gank your deposit or mess you around further.

But no more!

No more washing yourself in The Edge’s showers because your house has no hot water.

No more improvised DIY security solutions because your landlord won’t return your calls.

And no more non-romantic candlelit dinners because your fusebox is fucked.

The Tab hears, sees and acknowledges your struggles and we want you to know that we’re here for you.

So send in your stories to [email protected], giving your address, letting agent and as many pictures as possible, and we’ll confront those responsible and see what they have to say about it.