An Ice Way to Get to Uni

An elusive creature has been spotted traversing the icy Hyde-Park conditions in an unconventional way

Against the screams of those who said it couldn’t be done, a mysterious being has been spotted traversing the Icy Hyde Park paths in an unconventional manner.

The creature, known only as ‘Skiman’, has refused to adopt the conventional half-walk half-shuffle motion that we’ve all taken to in order to tackle the icy Hyde Park paths and has instead donned a pair of skis.

Although the footage captured is of a quality that’d make the guy who snapped Bigfoot win a photography prize from NatGeo, several other sources have confirmed the existence of the half-man half-ski creature.

The elusiveness of ‘Skiman’ has been compared to that of Bigfoot

As a result of the melting snow, it is believed that Skiman is to go into a state of hibernation. If you have any more information as to his whereabouts then we’d like to know. Email [email protected] but please, don’t put yourself in any danger.