Uni set to strip Savile of title

Paedo star could lose his honorary doctorate


The University is set to strip Jimmy Savile of his honorary degree.

The paedophile presenter, who was exposed only after his death, was awarded the doctorate of Law by the University in 1986.

However, following the scandalous claims after the presenter’s death, a university committee will discuss the award and is likely to strip it.

Earlier this month, it was found that during his lifetime, Savile had donated over £400,000 to the Uni.

The committee, who meets later this month, will judge whether or not the reasons for awarding the shamed star the title are now invalid.

A spokesperson for the University said: “At the time of his nomination and when the award was conferred, no concerns had been raised with the university about his behaviour and we were not aware of any allegations against him. In the light of this new information, the matter will be discussed when the honorary degree committee next meets.”