Review: The mutants are standing up

Latent Mutant Comedy’s first show showed how comedy should be done, says EDY HURST


“Comedians are like mutants, but not the cool ones, instead of claws and laser eyes they only have the power of the self doubt and maybe an emotional problem or two. This is what X-Men would look like if Judd Apatow directed it.” Jon Newell, co-organiser.

Wednesday 26 September saw the beginning of Latent Mutant Comedy, a monthly stand up night presented by the Comedy Society at the Union showcasing new acts alongside established Leeds based stand ups.

The Leeds alternative comedy scene is an exciting place. In the last year brand new nights full of fantastic and original acts have come into fruition and are filling rooms, getting bigger and better each month. There is a new wave independent comedians setting themselves up as an alternative to the saturated mainstream comedy on television, so it seems a logical step to bring this incredible scene to the University.

First show

The first show at Pulse saw a mix of LUU Comedy Soc members taking stage and comedians from Pigeonhole and Howl, two of the fastest growing and exciting comedy nights in the city. The variety of experience and style of this first line up made for a very professional and high quality act with Jon Newell (show organiser) excellently taking the stage as MC.

Jacob Rawcliffe’s furious practical irony opened the show followed by Sheffield based Comedian Charlie Sanders, revealing that her liver makes her ‘part Time-Lord’. Next up was Kev Eadie and his love story of petty theft followed by Edy Hurst (fellow organiser) performing a predominantly new set including ‘why dogs can’t eat chocolate’. To finish the night was Mickael Sterret, Si Finnigan and Thom Milson, the three founders of HOWL comedy night (the first alt comedy night set up in Leeds) and together they showed how comedy should be done.

The venue was a nice surprise – I had my apprehensions with choosing Pulse over Mine – but it made for a much more conducive atmosphere for the style of humour. Next month’s is 10 October, £2 for a chance to see some original up and coming comedians right in the union, you’d be crazy not to go.

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