It’s official: Isaac from Sultan’s is running for Lancaster MP in upcoming local election

He’s getting ready to say ‘Hello my friends’ in the House of Commons

Isaac, the Lancaster University icon from Sultan’s, will be running for Lancaster MP.

This is ahead of the local elections running on the 2nd May, with his campaign slogan being “Isaac looks after his friends”.

Following Sultan’s free food event for students on the 29th February, Isaac got a taste for helping others, and has decided to expand this by becoming an MP, running for his own party, called Hello My Friends.

In an exclusive interview with The Lancaster Tab, Isaac said: “I will be running for MP in the University Ward of Lancaster. I look after my friends, and my main manifesto will be to encourage all takeaways in Lancaster to offer free Tango Ice Blasts and poppadoms after nights out.

“My policies will include free bottles of water for every Lancaster citizen, and a city-wide bank holiday dedicated to cheesy chips.”

Isaac went on to develop his reasoning for running for MP, stating he feels his status as Lancaster University icon “isn’t enough”, and he needs to become a “city icon”.

He’d like to remind everyone that if he is voted in, he won’t neglect his duties to the drunk Lancaster Uni students at 3am, promising: “I’ll always be there to welcome drunk students and line their bellies with chips and free water. I’m proud of the good work I do and I hope I can continue this as an MP.”

When asked, Lancaster students said they felt “overjoyed” with the news Isaac was running for MP. One student, April said: “Despite his lack of experience, I can’t imagine anyone better to represent the University Ward. Isaac is a true icon, and he has everyone’s best interests at heart, but especially the students.”

With the votes opening on 2nd May, Isaac will spend the next month campaigning. At The Lancaster Tab we’re proud to say he has our full endorsement.

You should probably check the date, you April fools!

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