Sheil Road is the most dangerous road in Kensington

There were nearly 5,000 crimes in Kenny last year alone

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If you want to live in Kenny, you might want to avoid Sheil Road, as a whopping 85 crimes were committed there last year.

The road, just off Kensington High Street, had the most burglaries and violent and sexual offences out of the most popular student roads.

Adelaide Road is the safest road with just one crime – an ASBO – between September 2013 and June 2014.

But Sheil Road isn’t the only road to watch, as eight sexual or violent offences occurred on Molyneux Road – making it the second most dangerous road to live on.


Central opening of Sheil Road off Kensington High Street

Vienna, a third year Creative Writing student, told The Tab: “85 crimes on Sheil Road alone?

“To be honest, those numbers are shocking, and it just makes me think no one gives a crap about the Kenny area.

“You never see many police walking around, and I might feel safer if there were more officers about.

“Prevention’s better than cure after all.”


Initiatives have been put in place to curb anti-social and violent behaviour, such as the drinking ban on the streets over the weekends.

However, there were a staggering 557 crimes committed in Kensington in March 2014, averaging at least 495 crimes a month.

Dani, a third year living on Edge Lane, said: “I try my best to avoid walking down that road, particularly if I’m on my own, but hearing those stats makes me feel even more wary about walking down there.

“There is very little police presence in the area, and on bonfire night there were teenagers aiming fireworks at cars where Sheil Road meets Edge Lane, but it took police an hour to get there.”


Molyneux Road looking a bit quiet

Tiffany, third year Uni of student living on Channell Road, added: “It’s not just Sheil Road with the bad reputation: the roads just off it, like Molyneux Road, are just as unsafe.

“Me and my housemates were told to avoid walking around there at night. Luckily for us, we haven’t had any trouble where we are.”

But it’s not all bad: the roads surrounding Kensington Fields, including Adelaide Road and Empress Road, have had the lowest reports of crime.