I got a confirmation email to say I had a Daft Friday ticket, for it then to be taken away from me

I was refused a ticket when going to the ticket collection at the GUU


Like many a student who managed to snag a ticket to the annual Daft Friday ball, I felt unbelievably lucky. It was an event I had never been to, an event famed among Glasgow University, a surely wonderful way to celebrate exams being over.

I felt especially lucky, knowing that only 33% of those who tried for Daft Friday tickets were successful.

As the sole Tab writer to get a ticket, I knew that the responsibility to report at the event fell on me. I was excited to post about Daft Friday on The Tab Glasgow’s Instagram. Endless stories of the event, the outfits, the glamour, the theme. I also had so many article ideas planned for the event, including one exploring the history of the event, which has been running since 1908.

Oh – and don’t get me started on the outfit preparations I had made already. I’d booked a hair appointment, a nails appointment, found a vintage dress to wear. A glamorous change from my usual library attire.

Having received a confirmation email letting us know we had tickets, my friend and I headed along to the ticket collection at the GUU. We brought everything the email asked of us: the QR code, a student card, my GUU membership.

The confirmation email saying we had tickets

When we’d initially bought the tickets, everything had been fine. The fact it was under my friends name yet with my GUU membership, the system accepted us and granted us two tickets.

To our horror, upon arrival, this time around we were refused tickets. We’d paid our £90 for two tickets, yet this was not enough. Those at the desk at the GUU were rather rude in letting us know, very abruptly, that they would refund our tickets. This was due to the fact that the GUU membership belonged to me and not my friend, the one whose name the ticket was under.

We weren’t the only students to be affected. Liam told The Tab that he “got an email saying I had confirmation, went to collect them and (was) refused them.”

From what I can gather, the GUU have been strict to other students, too. But why promise tickets for them then to be taken away?

Why promise a ticket to then take it away?

Already, Daft Friday has proven to be such a disappointment to a huge number of students. Many vented their frustration to The Tab Glasgow, with one expressing her situation of being unable to secure tickets as “ridiculous”.

We can only hope in future years the system is less chaotic.

The GUU was approached for comment. 

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