The dos and don’ts of going to Glasgow Uni

I urge you to go to as many gaffs as you can now that Covid rules don’t exist

The time has come – the anxiety of getting A-level and Higher results is over and the absolute stress of managing enrolment is done. We have made it to Welcome Week.

Third and fourth years physically train to get to Fresher’s Fair first for the free pizza and samples because their money is running out; while freshers and second years should be mentally preparing themselves for the horror of waiting in the rain when it’s five degrees to get into HIVE.

I asked a few Glasgow Uni students what they would recommend doing while attending university here…and let me tell you, the answers are both funny and interesting to say the least.


Clubs & Societies:

One thing many people mentioned, which I cannot agree with more, is to join a club or society. Whether you want to join the Shrek society (yes, it’s a thing), or whether you’re mad for horse riding (which I really think everyone should try at least once in their life…not that I’m in the committee for it or anything hint hint), Glasgow Uni has a lot to offer when it comes to societies.

They not only get you out of your comfort zone –  like me trying to memorise salsa steps while trying not to hurt anyone – but they motivate you to get fit, make friends outside your classes, and try new things. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, pro, or anything in between, but as soon as you join a club/society, make sure to attend the socials!

You’ll surprise yourself with how many people you’ll meet over a pint during a pub-crawl. With Covid legislations now gone, please make the most out of your uni life. Say yes to all opportunities, especially in first year – and without a doubt go to the social if Kitty O’Shea’s is on the agenda!

Uni accommodation:

If you’re a first-year or coming from abroad, try to get into the uni accommodation. Although Glasgow University pulled an uno-reverse card on their offer to accommodate freshers and foreign students, get yourself to their gaffs! Back in the Covid days students got fined for hosting/attending parties, so I urge you to go to as many gaffs as you can now that Covid rules don’t exist. However, please do not get too wasted every time to the point that you would:

1. Spew on another flat’s hall carpet

2. Black out and become paralytic on the way to McDonald’s, making your poor flatmates (who you just met) carry you to your bed because you had half a bottle of tequila

3. Tell the guy in the flat below you that he looks like a junkie…no matter how tipsy you are (sorry about that Joe)

While staying in uni accommodation is good for gaffs, the people you live with from first-year are usually your closest pals at uni and your future flatmates, so do try to make a decent effort in washing your dishes and being friendly and talkative!

Food & Walks:

If you find a decent spot in Kelvingrove Park when the sun is out, hats off to you. A definite do while in GU is to stroll about before or after lectures with your friends, or just yourself, with a gyro from MacTasso’s before heading to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery or trying Loop & Scoop for those with a sweet tooth.

If not that, treat yourself to a focaccia sandwich from Eusebi’s Deli or get more bang for your buck by getting a pizza from Paesano’s or a meal from the hidden gem Café Go-Go. Although Tesco meal deals are very handy, when it comes to cooking, I could not recommend it enough for students to shop at Lidl. The difference in the total when buying from Lidl to any other shop is shocking.

Moreover, a definite do is to meal-prep for your day. Trying to find time to cook and eat anything other than pesto pasta straight out of the pan (yes, I’m talking about you Ramsay) is a bit challenging considering a lot of us tend to eat cornflakes for dinner during exam week, or am I the only one who does that?


Get with your flat/teammates:

This is very self-explanatory, but just to emphasise, do NOT shag your flatmate. This just makes it harder on yourself and your pals if any drama was to arise between you, this can be explained in one simple phrase, aka: ‘shitting where you eat’.


This one’s a weird one, people have said to both visit and not visit HIVE. Although it’s known for being the smelliest club in Glasgow, you only get to go when you’re in GU. I would say go to other clubs, but go to HIVE for special occasions…and of course go if you want the decently strong ‘pints of fun’.

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