GUU to offer free ‘pint of fun’ to students with a negative Covid test

Yellow ‘pint of fun’ for free please

The decision to do this came after Boris Johnson announced that people may be required to have a vaccine passport to enter bars, clubs and pubs. The union has decided that they will not require this, because so many students will not be eligible for the vaccine for a few more months.

Third year student Becky said: “I think this is a great promotion. I have missed going to Hive over the last year and I am really excited to go back and get my free “pint of fun”, as well as knowing the students around me have got negative Covid tests so I am not at risk.”

Credit – Hive on Facebook

Whilst it is not mandatory for students to provide evidence of a negative Covid test in order to get into the union, the chance to get a £5.50 drink for free should be motivation enough. The evidence can be either in text or email form, and needs to be three days old. Students will be able to get one pint of fun of their choice when they provide their recent negative Covid test.

Speaking to the Glasgow Tab, a spokesperson for GUU said: “We decided to do this initiative to encourage students to get regular Covid tests before they go out with their friends, to make sure they are being safe and aren’t at risk of spreading the virus.”

It has not been decided how long this promotion will last for yet, but the union have stated that it will last at least for the first few weeks of the next academic term in September.

Happy April Fool’s!

Featured Image Credit – Hive Glasgow on Facebook