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Why Nando’s coming to the West End is the best thing since the Moon Landing

Sure space is cool but can you get peri-salted chips in space? I think not….

Firstly a disclaimer: this article is not satire, nor will it at all refer to the abominable adjective of 'cheeky'. Nando's is not cheeky, it is professional, mature and a killer conversationalist. With that out of the way, I'm delighted to announce that Nando's is set to open a branch in Glasgow's West End, in the old Botanics Garage building located nearby to the Hillhead Bookclub, just off of Byres Road. To celebrate this wonderful news, I will be delivering an 'ode to Nando's' in the vein of Keats' 'Ode to a Nightingale' and letting you know why Nando's coming to the West End is truly the best thing since the moon landing of Apollo 11 in 1969.

It will prevent you from suffering from leg problems

Currently, the nearest Nando's to the West End is located all the way out in Sauchiehall Street, with another located by the St. Enoch Shopping Centre. This means that, as it stands, you are roughly a mile (or more!) away from your nearest. The plight involved in a 2-mile + round trip is truly not worth the hassle and I have heard many a tale of weary travellers who lost their way or have keeled over due to the intense physical exercise of the trek. With a Nando's just off Byres Road, you can fear no more of the dangerous journey and instead enjoy a 5 minute walk to burn off those calories!

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The building which is soon to be a Nando's

It will bring diversity and multiculturalism to the West End

Nando's originated in South Africa and is well known for serving Portuguese-style Chicken. This hub of multiculturalism and culinary diversity will bring some much needed variety to the West End, which is crammed full of Kebab shops, Italian restaurants and pubs. Although the moon landing was a momentous feat, it didn't really do much to enforce multiculturalism and definitely didn't increase diversity in Glasgow's West End like this Nando's would. In the South East, Nando's Studies is taught instead of Religious Studies and one of the key things I remember being told by teachers is that "Sam, Nando's serves as the single most fundamental keystone of diversity within society".

And well, because the food is really, really good

Honestly right, Peri-Salted Chips are a godsend and I don't care what anybody has to say about that. If you aren't getting a double side of them, you may not quite be 'doing' Nando's right. Yeah sure the moon landing did wonders to mark the scientific advancement of human beings as a race but did it serve the pengest of chips? No.

Space is cold and lonely – Nando's is not.

Nando's: Coming Soon to a West End Near You.