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These Glasgow fourth years love Mad Dog so much it was their Halloween costume

This is not your average basic bitch attire …

As an ode to their favourite drink, Glasgow university students Ali Taylor, Charlie Thomson and Calum Cameron (left to right) decided that they would take to Hive dressed as literal bottles of Mad Dog.

The famous alcoholic beverage is loved by all of Scotland, so if you’re not familiar you should put it top of your list for your next visit to the bonny shores. It’s a fortified wine that comes in eight different flavours which vary from 13-20% volume (ABV). At under £8 for a standard 70ml bottle, preeing on Mad Dog will ensure a loose night.

We spoke to the Mad Dog masterminds about the inspiration behind their unique Halloween idea.

What gave you the idea?

Ali: Well it was actually Charlie's idea, him and his 2 flat mates were supposed to be going as the dugs but mark was a late drop out so I was invited to step in.

Charlie: We needed something cheap and quick, and all we needed for this was dog ears and a sharpie. We were also inspired by the idea of Buckfast monks but figured that was too overdone.

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We'd take you for a walk anytime x

What were people’s reactions?

Ali: Reactions were varied, all of our mates said it was a terrible costume but once the photo of us came out people realised how beast it was.

Calum: I have no idea. I got a head injury early on from agressive dancing by Matt Lehmann and its all a bit of a blur from then on.

Charlie: I think it went down pretty well in the end.

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woof woof

What’s your favourite flavour?

Charlie: It’s gotta be raspberry blue

Ali: I'm a fan of the red Clifford

Calum: My fave is obviously orange jubilee as its the closest thing to a reef drink, without it actually being one.

It seems that this year its the duggs that have taken the biscuit for best Glasgow uni halloween costume.