Glaswegians took Twitter by storm last night by starting #PresidentBawbag

We asked the instigator how she feels to have gone viral

It’s often said we should never underestimate the power of social media. One simple tweet can take the world by storm, and #PresidentBawbag has done just that.

The hashtag was started by a retweet from unsuspecting US actor Richard Schiff and spread by enthusiastic Scot enthusiastic Gael McMahon, which resulted in it trending worldwide last night.

For those non-Scottish readers, “bawbag” is a Scots term referring to the male genitals, often used to describe an annoying or irritating person.

It’s no secret that Scotland doesn’t like Trump and his new policies. The variety of protests around the country have demonstrated that we’re intolerant of Trump and his executive orders. So, it seems fitting that the people of Scotland have joined forces with the Twitter-verse to sum up all those thoughts and opinions in one word.

The Tab Glasgow spoke to Gael about how the hashtag became a viral hit.

How did the hashtag come about?

I’d seen Richard Schiff issued a tweet mentioning the hashtag as a bit of a joke because someone else, I’m unsure who, had called Trump a “bawbag” and I explained that we also had a storm of the same name. It was after that that I issued my tweet hoping to make it trend worldwide.

Did you expect to get such an overwhelming response?

Never in a million years. I got the notification that Richard had retweeted my post and then my phone just hasn’t stopped since. It’s been incredibly overwhelming.

Do you think it will impact decisions to stop Trump visiting Scotland?

I would doubt it but it at least gives a measure of what the good people of our country feel about the man and his insane executive decisions. If it were to prevent him from visiting Scotland again then it would be a huge bonus for us.