UPDATE: Our campaign Light Up Kelvin Way is on its way to success

There are now over 1,700 petition signatures

Since October, The Tab Glasgow have been working hard to gain support for our campaign, #LightUpKelvinWay.

We started the campaign and the petition to urge the Council to create a safer walkway for students and members of the community alike after there have been many cases of sexual violence and assault in the area. We firmly believe that the safety of Kelvin Way is not in line with regulations as the street is perceived by many as unsafe and many share our concerns.

However, these feelings of unease are not enough for the Council to consider adding CCTV to Kelvin Way, or enhancing the lighting. We need hard evidence, and the need for crime statistics for the area surrounding Kelvin Way is crucial to our campaign so we are working with University of Glasgow’s Head of Security to secure such evidence.

Kelvin Way is very dark at night

Two weeks in to our petition, we were contacted by STV who invited us on to their Live at Five show and gave us a platform to spread our message to a wider audience.

Through the tweets that you guys wrote and shared, local Hillhead Councillor Martha Wardrop saw our petition and  showed strong interest in supporting our message. We met with Martha and discussed the implications of such a campaign and how we could make it grow.

Throughout this process we have been in contact with local MP Patrick Grady who has been helpful in supplying much needed information about Kelvin Way and any previous renovations done by Glasgow Council.

In November, we marched in solidarity with Reclaim the Night to end sexual violence in Glasgow and around the UK.


Before Christmas we were contacted by the Council directly to set up a meeting and to send our petition to the petition department within the Council. While we have yet date to confirm a date, it is a sure sign that #LightUpKelvinWay is on its way to success.

However, we still need people to sign our petition and further the campaign. Click on the link here.