We spoke to the guy behind ‘Glasgow Uni Memes for Eduroam Hating Teens’

The Gossip Girl of Glasgow

In case you have been living under a rock, or stuck in level 12 (the horror) of the library for the last few weeks, you may not have heard of “Glasgow Uni Memes for Eduroam Hating Teens”.

If you genuinely haven’t heard, (although we’re judging you – a lot), it’s a page dedicated to memes about Glasgow Uni, and it has exploded with popularity in just a couple of weeks.

The page, which was started at the end of January and now boasts 2,800 likes, constantly posts original and funny memes poking tongue-in-cheek fun at other unis as well as our own.

As the page grows in likes, students are wondering really who is the person behind the account. While The Tab Glasgow can’t reveal the meme king’s identity, we did have an exclusive chat with him.

XOXO Glasgow Uni Memes

Why did you start the page?

I started this page because it was time enough that Glasgow got a proper meme page. There was far too much on Campus that was hilarious and nobody was making jokes about it. Anything like a minor inconvenience just warrants a joke sometimes to get us through those long library study sessions.

How did you come up with the name?

There are loads of meme pages around that start with what the page is about and then they follow with a word or two before the word “teens”. For example, “Dank Memes for Virgin Teens”. It’s about making it rhyme too, because it makes it funnier. And of course because everyone hates Eduroam, it’s literally the most annoying thing on campus apart from the library doors and enrolment. It’s practically the Unholy Trinity and it interferes everywhere.

Credit: Glasgow Uni Memes for Eduroam Hating Teens


How much time and effort does it take to run the page?

It’s literally no effort whatsoever to run because each meme takes me no more than five minutes to make at most and sometimes people send in memes too which makes my job even easier.

Have you ever revealed your identity to someone?

Yes. A few people know that I run this page, but I’m keeping it a secret for a grand reveal one day. I’d like to keep you all guessing. There’s not just one of us either anymore, so this should further deepen the mystery.

QMU vs GUU. Credit: Glasgow Uni Memes for Eduroam Hating Teens



What does it take to create a good Glasgow meme?

To create a good Glasgow meme you need a subject that pisses off everyone, or at the very least everyone knows about it famously or infamously. Then you need to find the route of what’s funny about it. There’s no harm about taking inspiration from other meme pages, but we’re careful not to nick stuff. The backlash has been quite funny really, there’s been an alternative page bitch at us for having better memes than them etc. It’s all part of the job.

Savage. Credit: Glasgow Uni Memes for Eduroam Hating Teens

Do you ever get bad memes submitted?

We get bad memes submitted all the time – sometimes people think they’re funny and we have to try not to break their heart in telling them their memes are about as funny as Eduroam going down as you submit your assignment.

Where do you see the account in a year’s time?

In a years time? I hope that we’ll have a few more admins, and hundreds more great memes. Simply put, we’ve had huge success over the last couple of weeks – in one day we gained 1000 likes. I just hope that we can continue to make Glasgow Uni students laugh as much as we do when we make these memes.