Glasgow pizza place Paesano named UK’s number one

Another reason we love Glasgow

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Pizza lovers, listen up.

Glasgow pizza place, Paesano, has been crowned number one pizzeria in the UK, according to TripAdvisor.

There are hundreds of positive reviews on the ratings website, which means it tops the UK rankings.

Paesano describe themselves as “the first to bring authentic, traditional Napoletana pizza to Glasgow.”

The pizza is cooked in wood fired ovens from Italy itself and the bases are sourdough, producing a “moist, light, soft and digestible crust.”

It’s situated near Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art on 94 Miller Street and is deemed as relatively “hipster” and chic but their prices are extremely reasonable – the cheapest pizza, the Tomato Sugo, is a meagre five pounds, with the most expensive still only sitting at eight.

Keen reviewers have dubbed the place as a “pizza lover’s dream”, “exceptionally tasty” and “best pizza I’ve tasted.”

Although, one customer, below, was “ragin” they didn’t do pineapple on their pizzas, but we think we can make that tiny exception.

Pineapple or not, the moral of the story is: get us there, now.