GUSA going silent tomorrow to raise money for mental health charity

Oh so quiet

GUSA are going silent for the whole day tomorrow to raise money and awareness for the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

All 12 members of the GUSA council will embark on this silent challenge on Tuesday 3rd November.


GUSA won’t be allowed to say a word for the entire day

The Tab got the chance to speak to Isabella Heath, Welfare Convenor of GUSA, about the sponsored silence.

Isabella said the idea was a mutual effort.

“It came up at a council meeting, we all wanted to starting raising some money, but also some awareness, for our charity of the year: the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

“It just ties in with how we all feel about sport having no barriers to anyone and how important it is that people feel able to speak about their issues.”

When asked about her stand on how sport benefits those with mental health issues, she added:

“It is incredibly important to me and to GUSA as a whole. At the moment I am in the process of pairing up 29 buddies with people who just need a little bit of support to get into sport, but who all want to because they recognize the benefits it can have for mental and physical health.

“Sport and those you connect with through it at university, can be a great support to anyone and we are trying to get that message across to as many people as we can.”

GUSA need all the sponsorship that they can for this great cause, and if you wish to sponsor them, here is the link.