Viper is sending free buses to Kushion tonight

Once the club’s full, the rest of us are being shipped off to Kushion

If you thought last Wednesday was busy at Viper, you better brace yo’ self for tonight.

Sport societies galore will be hitting the Viper dancefloor, so if you want to ogle those Rugby boys, or slither in with the swimmers, you need to get down early. Unlucky clubbers don’t need to worry though: Viper are laying on free buses to take those stuck outside to Kushion instead.

With last Wednesday’s guest list reaching 1300, it’s no surprise we’re all back again ready for another night full of sweating, snogging and spewing.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

If you somehow didn’t manage to make it to Viper last Wednesday (lame) its fair to say it was pretty packed, with queues getting out of hand by 10pm. It was so busy inside you actually had to resort to hitting the deck and crawling your way to the dancefloor.

Put yo hands in the air like yo just don't care

Put yo hands in the air like yo just don’t care

Viper is changing with the times so you better get yourselves down fast tonight, or face being flocked onto the Kushion bus. I know where I’d rather be.